Hosting a successful event starts with choosing themes and corporate event planning. For many corporate events and team building events, an established theme helps to add another dimension to the day or evening.  Themes can include your objectives and messages that are cleverly woven into the different activities or it can be a full on themed party - whichever you need, we can help you. Theming your event can help to emphasise certain key areas that you wish your employees to improve upon, be it creativity, communication or problem solving. Or, if you are hosting your corporate event just for fun, then a theme will help set your event apart from previous ones and make it memorable. When choosing the theme for your corporate event you will need to think about the following issues:

Time of year for Corporate Event Planning

Winter corporate event planning can be tied in with your annual Christmas party, but you could always use Halloween as a fun theme if you think your employees would love the chance to dress up. Outdoor events are best held in the summer months, and suitable themes include treasure hunts based on popular TV programs such as Spooks or The Apprentice are very popular.  For those who enjoy a physical challenge, inflatable fun can be had with It’s a Knock Out and the warmer weather can be a great time to reward employees with a family fun day.

DSC_6171 What’s on TV?

Theming your corporate event around a popular television program such as Dragon’ Den or The Apprentice will prove very popular amongst participants.  Or you could even go retro and use an old school quiz show such as Blankety Blank or Play Your Cards Right as inspiration.

Don’t alienate

As we’ve already mentioned, with corporate event planning it’s important that everyone attending a corporate event feels comfortable.  Getting people to do things that they feel awkward or embarrassed about will do the very opposite of what you want to achieve. Team building and corporate events should be used as tools to bring people together, increase networking and raise morale.  What you don’t want to do is have people polishing up their CVs and checking the situations vacant section of the newspaper the day after.  You know the different personalities you have in your team, think about the type of theme that will work for everyone and not have anyone feel alienated.  Remember, you want participants to be challenged but not humiliated. Thanks for reading our article! Are you looking to plan a corporate event with a theme? Be sure to contact Accolade today for a FREE quote on how we can deliver a successfully themed corporate event for your company!
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