Proactivity and hard passionate work are two of the amazing benefits of incorporating team building activities into the normal workflow of an organization. Through these team building activities, department managers and other leaders can help their respective teammates improve on their skills, work better together, and move towards common goals. This, of course, is not easily achieved in the general office space. For this reason, a "focus room" is the perfect solution.

Create a Focus Room For Team Building Activities

A focus room is a place where the unique personalities of each team member can come out because of the relaxing, non-threatening, comfortable setting. This is more than just using a break room when no one else is in the area. A focus room is a place designated, and dedicated, to team building activities, interpersonal relations, and critical thinking/problem solving skills. The room should be large enough to groups of several different sizes in order to do different types of team building activities. These do not have to be "over the top" type activities, but simple games, or problems to be solved, for both small and large groups.

Benefits of Focus Room for Team Building

Team Spirit - There can be a strong case made that the same principles at play within a sports franchise are also those within the corporate world. One of those is team spirit. A winning team is always the team whose members love being a part of the franchise. Their spirit is high and kept high because of the stated goals and relationships. A focus room helps to build this team spirit as people are more relaxed and comfortable. Define Roles - Through using a focus room within your organization, and consistent team building activities, team members have a great opportunity to work on, and know, their individual roles. Roles are essential to team building and team sustaining. Athletic teams all have positions where each player knows where they need to be, what they are to do in certain situations, and how to work within a common play. A focus room helps team members "focus" while they are working on these roles. It was once said that the "whole is better than the individual". That is quite a statement that shows the importance of consistent team building activities and a dedicated focus room. If your business does not have adequate space think outside the box for other venues such as restaurants during slow hours, vacant shops, or a weekly meeting in a home. The important thing is to begin using a focus room to see bigger improvements in skills and production.

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