Poor communication skills can be a problem in a lot of workplaces, it leads to mistrust, lack of productivity and often important timescales and deadlines being missed – all of which tend to cost companies both time and money. A team who has good communication skills on the other hand will not only be much happier in their roles within the team, they will be more productive, more enthusiastic and more likely to achieve any goals set for them Communication is obviously a two-way street.  As important as it is to keep others informed with vital information needed for them to do their job well, you also need to be able to listen effectively and act accordingly.  For communication to be at its best, it needs to flow in all directions; upwards, downwards and sideways, keeping everyone in the loop and sharing information at the earlier possibility. Team building events are useful tools to bring your team together to work on improving their communication skills.   Whether you choose a very business focus team building event such as Team Apprentice or Investors’ Den, or you go with something more trivial and fun-packed such as one of our outdoor team building events, the result is the same—all members of the team will need to communicate effectively with each other to win or complete task. Team building events allow members to bond with each other in a different environment.  Often the teams are a mix of management levels and the events prove to be great in breaking down barriers and allowing people to feel more at ease in talking with colleagues on different levels.   There are many times in a professional setting where an office junior could be giving orders to the Marketing Director, but team building activities allow people to step outside of their comfort zone and increase their confidence at communicating with others. A communication focused team building event can be extremely useful in a number of circumstances:

Corporate Restructure

Whether this is because of redundancies, a take-over or merger, or simply a change of management, a team building event in this instance will help to build trust with new colleagues and aid the bonding process of the new set up, allowing everyone to settle into their new role much quicker.

New Additions to the Workforce

A new person at work can usually slip into the routine of the office place fairly quickly, however if for some reason you have employed a number of new people in a short space of time a team building event will help them to meet and bond with the existing colleagues, as well as give them the chance to shine and showcase their talents in a neutral and informal environment.

Resolve Interdepartmental Issues

In large companies, problems can often arise when different departments within the company don’t pull together.  A team building event can be very useful at helping to break down barriers by allowing each individual to realise the needs of others and make strides towards working together as a unit for the good of the company.

Prior To Working on a Big Project

What better way to focus everyone’s minds and get everybody pulling together before the onset on a major project, than to have everyone participate in a team building event? A team building event that is designed to get your team both talking and listening can work wonders in increasing moral back in the office, getting everyone pulling in the same direction and improving productivity.  

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