Summer Team Building 

With the recent heat wave continuing you may notice that your team's energy and positive outlook in the office is waning. Workplaces in the UK are not generally used to any sustained period of extreme weather, and come to think of it, neither is the average worker.   Feeling hot and bothered at work can make the most mild-mannered person become short-tempered, forgetful and generally just wanting to get the hell out of the office to go home, to the beach or the local beer garden! However, there are ways to keep motivation and morale up when the temperature rises.  We’ve come up with a few suggestions of summer team building events to keep everyone happy and working together as a team: Adapt your dress code Do employees really need to be in business suits when it’s touching 30ºC outside?  Unless they are meeting important clients or facing the general public, allow members of staff to dress more appropriately for the weather.  You could even inject a little fun and hold a charity day where people can come dressed in outrageous Hawaiian shirts and beach shorts. At the very least you should let your staff where short sleeved shirts and blouses and smart shorts or lightweight trousers. Bring in flexi-time Allowing staff to leave the workplace early (if they don’t have any important deadlines to meet) when it’s sweltering outside and then letting them make up the time at a later date will win you brownie points all round.  Not only will people be able to take advantage of the wonderful weather, but those with families will appreciate being able to spend some extra time with their children over the school holidays. Make sure the office environment is comfortable Access to open windows or air conditioning units is a must in this hot spell.  So too is plenty of water.  Make sure your air-con units are working correctly and provide desk fans if necessary.  Top up the water cooler regularly and bring an extra fridge into the kitchen area for staff to store food and drink in. Be creative with meeting venues Do you really need to hold your weekly sales meeting in a hot and stuffy meeting room?  Why not decamp to the car park, local beauty spot or even a nice beer garden nearby.  The change of scenery may even result in a better than usual meeting with everyone feeling inspired.  Just don't forget the sunscreen! Can staff work from home? Is it necessary for everyone to be in the office?  Those whose roles are not tied to a certain desk could be just as proactive and productive working in their back gardens as they would in the office. Make work interesting Setting new goals over the summer or coming up with innovative projects that members of staff can participate in will keep everyone motivated and happy to come into work.   Encourage team work to achieve goals and reward when completed. Hold an outdoor team building event Turn the good weather to your advantage and hold an outdoor team building event or a family fun day.   Using the sunshine to help team members bond in an informal and fun setting will help raise morale and increase motivation.
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