As the nation starts to recover from its Pimms fuelled hangover and the arguments of whether Andy Murray is Scottish or British rage on, we look at how Team Murray finally helped break the hoodoo of British tennis and led Andy on to become the first British male to lift the Wimbledon trophy for 77 years. Andy beat Novak Djokovic in straight sets in the blistering London sunshine, whilst over 17 million tuned in at home to cheer him on.  With the cameras alternating between the on court action and the expressions of the rich and famous seated at SW19 we also got to see a lot of the people who were actively involved in Murray’s emphatic victory. To achieve his best in the sport, Andy isn’t alone in his quest.  To get to the very pinnacle of his game he needs help; from emotional support from his parents and girlfriend to the army of behind the scenes professionals who make sure that he is mentally and physically in the best shape he can be. Whilst most winning sports stars will pay homage to their parents in some way, it was Andy’s mum, Judy, who first started him on his course to becoming the Wimbledon champion.  A proficient tennis player herself, she coached Andy and his brother Jamie (also a Wimbledon champion having won the mixed doubles title in 2007) from an early age.  Judy has proved to be a rock to Andy and is often present at his games when her work as captain of the British Federations Cup team will allow. Like most professional tennis players, Andy has changed coaches often throughout his career, with each new coach bringing on his game and developing him more as a player.  However, many pundits will agree that employing the coaching services of tennis great, Ivan Lendl, was probably the turning point in his career.  Under Lendl’s guidance Andy has become the Olympic champion, US Open champion and now finally the nation’s sweetheart as Wimbledon champion. Along with Lendl, Andy also has two fitness coaches and a hitting partner who work along with psychotherapists, masseurs and nutritionists to ensure that his is as physically as fit as he can be in both body and mind. Another vital component to the Team Murray is the great British public.  Andy praised the crowd at Wimbledon, both on centre court and up on Henman Hill (will that now be changed forever to Murray Mount?  It should be!) and thanked everyone in the country for their support saying how much it had spurred him on to victory, so if you watched and cheered yesterday you can also consider yourself part of Team Murray’s victorious triumph.
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