Country Pursuits5Are you getting set to partake in an outdoor team building event? If so, be prepared for a day that's quite different from your regular work routine. Check out these valuable tips to be prepared for a day of fun and (hopefully) sun with your coworkers: Day in and day out, many of us trod to work and experience the same old office environment, which quickly becomes a familiar, comfortable routine. Team building events are designed to try to break up that monotony in a workforce and really get teams excited about their work and roles once again. Particularly with the record hot summer we've been having in the UK, many businesses have been opting for outdoor team building events, since the added extreme "climate change" from an indoor office to outdoor climes is the perfect opportunity to really invigorate a workforce. That being said, there's plenty to prepare for before your outdoor team building excursion.

Crystal Maze 5Brave The Elements of Outdoor Team Building Events

As mentioned, the warm weather affords businesses a prime opportunity to get a workforce outside, far, far away from the mundane environs of the office. If you're going on an outdoor team building event, however, you have to come prepared to brave the elements. If you're thinking that walking out the door will be the same as it is every day going to the office, then thing again. Sunscreen is a definite necessity, particularly if you have fair skin that burns easily. remember that, even on a partly or mostly cloudy day, the summer sun can leave you with a burn, especially if your team building event is set to run for a good portion of the day (and during midday). Along these lines, a brimmed hat isn't a bad idea, either. Often times, outdoor events are held in fields and in places where there is very little shade. There is a good chance that a lunch break could take place in a tent or even inside a venue, but for the most part, you'll be braving the sun for much of the day. With summer sun comes heat, so being sure to wear cool, breathable clothing also makes a lot of sense. Sometimes businesses keep the theme of an event a secret, but try and find out if your event will involve any water. If so, the obligatory swimsuit should be a part of your ensemble, with it being easiest to wear it under your regular clothing. The idea of not having to "button up" and go to the office can take some getting used to, but just enjoy it! Finally, when it comes to the elements, know that whatever kind of event you'll be doing, it will probably involve some degree of athletics. This doesn't mean that you'll be running a triathlon, but making sure you have athletic sneakers or running shoes is a good idea as well.

team building event - it's a knockoutPrepare Your Mind

It isn't just your body that will be in for a change on the day of your outdoor team building event; such a dramatic shift in your workday can also throw you for a bit of a loop. Of course, this is in part the whole idea of a team building event: get people out of their element and thinking differently. However, it's important to prepare yourself for the excursion so that you can get as much out of it as possible. The first step is to get a good night of sleep. Seeing the outdoor team building event day as part of the "extended weekend" can be a major thinking error; hitting the pub hard the night before and getting in late, thinking that you won't have to perform can be a recipe for disaster. Remember: your company is paying for this event, and they expect their employees to particulate in it properly. Thus, get a good night of sleep. In fact, try to get to sleep even earlier than you normally do, since you'll probably be exerting yourself more vigorously than usual the next day.
It's a Knockout

BJSS enjoy It's a Knockout at Whittlebury Park

Second, once you are at the event, try to clear your mind of what normally concerns you at work. every day as I begin work, I'm filled with a kind of dread for things that I know I have to get done. If you feel the same way, then the day of your outdoor team building event is a day to leave that feeling behind. Going into the experience with an open mind and a sense of fun and ease is critically important. Finally, try to look at your coworkers in a different light. You may in fact have likes and dislikes in the office that have much less to do with people's personalities, and more about how people perform while at work. Now, in the midst of a fun outdoor team building experience, you're bound to see them in a different light. It's a wonderful chance to put to rest any preconceived notions you have about your co-workers, and begin to build new, more productive professional relationships. Thanks for reading our article! Be sure to check out the wide range of UK-based outdoor team building events that Accolade has to offer!

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