Team building is the new corporate buzz word that is sweeping the world. Most often associated with big retreats, "Survivor" type challenges or softball tournaments, team building is much more than novelty games and sports. Fun team building games energize your organization, help people feel a part of a common goal, and provide a time for people to relax and be themselves. Incorporating fun team building activities into an organization's yearly calender will shine a bright light upon many improved skills within the workforce. Typically, team building is about providing a way for team members to form tighter relationships, improve communications, heighten acute problem solving and define leadership principles and practices. All in all, team building events and challenges are not only a great way to blow off steam and enjoy a day out of the office, but is a healthy return on investment. But, is that all you can expect from fun team building games?

Bonus Benefits of Fun Team Building Activities

A bonus is something that has been gained through a particular activity that was not originally intended, but organically worked out. While improving skills, defining leaders and building stronger relationships are the three major benefits there are several bonus benefits that naturally happen as a result of the former skills improvements. 1. Creativity - Best selling author Stephen Covey once said, "Interdependent people combine their own efforts, with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success." One of the ideas behind this quote is that as people combine their efforts with others they naturally step into a more creative mode. Problem solving, working through obstacles, making decisions and communication are all heightened because of this bonus. 2. Intelligent collaboration - There may be a lot of smart people within a department, but they will never be as intelligent as they are together. Ken Blanchard has said, "None of us is as smart as all of us." When a collaboration of team members get together to work through a shared challenge, they can do much more than just one who shoulders the burden alone. 3. Fun workplace - Fun team building activities lead to a more fun work environment. As people share laughs together during a time of fun, they can begin to associate that same fun when around the same people. It is a matter of mind and association. 4. Increased productivity - This can be both a required goal and a bonus. The goal is always to have increased productivity through fun team building activities or corporate retreats. However, a bonus is when that productivity is sustained without having to have a big push to do it. 5. Innovative input - You could make a case that this is the same as being more creative, but with one difference. This input is not just for the team, but for the organization as a whole. A team that endures games together can then put that towards finding new ways for the organization to forge ahead in the marketplace. As you can see, fun team building activities have a tremendous place within the workplace. By taking on a team building philosophy and spending time fostering this within your workforce, there are plenty of bonus benefits that begin to kick in.
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