Lawyer Lauren Bites off More Than She Can Chew In the Big Apple It was difficult to tell who had the biggest grin on their face when sneaky old Lord Sugar last night told his would-be millionaire Apprentices that they were on their way to the Big Apple - or at least half of them were. But as stoney-faced Karen Brady sarcastically announced later: "Let's be honest, there was no way James wasn't going." Actually Karen had quite a bit to say in last night's episode. Take for instance, her uncharacteristic praise of Summit team leader Bianca when she announced in the board room that her US pitch came across as "very engaging" and "with great personality." Praise indeed! Distilling the 'Piers Morgan of Drinks' From Lord Sugar praise - or rather criticism - was replaced by puns (lots of them). Some of his best were when he described Summit's energy drink as "less Big Dawg and more Chihuahua," or his comparison of Tenacity's dreadful product (which bombed in the US) as "the Piers Morgan of drinks" before adding: "Yes, it really was that bad." The rather challenging task on episode seven was to come up with a soft drink and advertising campaign over a period of four days, and which would then be pitched to the great and good of New York City (the 30-strong audience consisting of representatives from Britvik and some of the trendiest branding agencies in the world). So it was pretty amazing that Bianco was so cool and confident in her pitch. Could she be a late contender for the final? And talking of potential finalists, Riosin played another blinder last night. She and moaning-face Sanjay came up with the branding and billboard design for Big Dawg in London. At the same time, her colleagues James and Solomon had the 'difficult' task of auditioning gorgeous young aspiring actresses in New York. We've no idea how Bianca managed to keep smiling throughout. She must have just tuned out and started reciting to herself the winning Apprentice's mantra "£250,000, £250,000, £250,000." Mark's impressive management skills Mark, who project-managed Tenacity last night was a pretty good team leader, we thought. And so did Nick who happened to pipe up exactly that point in the board room to Lord S. Mark excelled in his willingness to give others responsibility and assure them he had faith in them to do the job. He also showed he trusted them to get on with it by not interfering too much. Well, until it came to Felipe that is. The lawyer's ambition to be the next Tarantino saw him getting a tad "over-excited" and losing his rag during filming of the advert. In fact, he was pretty much all over the place last night, even shedding a tear on viewing the Tenacity billboard in Times Square. Awwww. Here's hoping it's not the pre-curser to a breakdown. Maybe the adrenalin thrill of getting out the office and not having to read legalese all day is getting a bit too much for him? And it's goodbye from Lauren The only other lawyer - Lauren - also had a tough time last night. So much so that she was fired. Her problem wasn't getting 'overly-involved' but rather overwhelmingly "under-involved." Mark was sure to tell LS over and over again that Lauren had contributed nothing to their team's effort and in doing so ensured it was her name the taxi driver asked for when he entered reception. And so James survives another week. But then so does Daniel, Solomon and Sanjay. Find out about how to host your own Apprentice event with our fun team building exercises here at Accolade Events. How will your employees react under such pressure? Freak out like Felipe or display the management mastery of Mark?
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