Hosting a team building corporate event for a large crowd is a major task.  There are many considerations needed, from deciding upon the best location, right venue and the team building activities to entertain and challenge so many people.


Location is pivotal when it comes to planning team building corporate events.  Ideally the best location should somewhere people have to travel equi-distance to if you have people working across the country.  If this isn’t practical, then the location should have good rail, road and airport networks to ensure travel to the location is as pain-free as possible.

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If all the employees work at the same location then the team building corporate event should be held in the same town or city.


Finding a venue suitable for a large crowd can be troublesome.  It may mean that you are reliant on large city centres rather than provincial towns or countryside venues.

The venue for team building corporate events should be large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably without feeling claustrophobic, but not so big it feels overwhelming. It should also have separate areas where people can take coffee breaks and mingle with other delegates. Team Building Activities Supplying quality team building activities for larger crowds can be challenging.  However, we have a fantastic range of team building activities than can be used for crowds of 2000+ delegates. With the emphasis on fun, our team building corporate events make sure that everyone gets involved and they work brilliantly as conference energisers or ice breakers for corporate events.  They can be used to great effect to further strengthen your company message.
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