How to make the most out of your team building day!
Your last team building day – be honest, did it feel a little stale? A bit same-old-same-old? Here are our top five ideas for making your next team building day one to remember.


A TV-themed Team Building Day
We’re a national of TV addicts, watching on average 4 hours each and every day catching up with our telly-favourites. Whilst less than great for our waistlines, this habit can be perfect for teams that dive right into TV-themed team building – such as Company Bake Off!, Team Millionaire, Team Generation Game, Company Fortunes or the Crystal Maze.


A Strategy Day
There’s a big wide world out there beyond those office walls, and plenty of team building days that don’t involve blindfolds and trust exercises. A strategy day is led by a professional facilitator outside of the office – helping your team to master an opportunity or overcome a challenge.


A Luxury Overnight Retreat
Want to reward your team’s performance? There are few experiences as suitable for saying “well done, you!” than fluffy hotel robes, 1000 count bed sheets and a themed corporate party night (complete with can can dancers or a string quartet)


A Team Building Development Day
We do team building a little differently. First, we listen to your business objectives, then we shape our team building around them – and can even create team building development days that combine indoor events, with outdoor events. Put simply? This is a square peg, for a square hole approach – for optimal ROI.


A Challenging Overnighter
Doing away with the usual hotel comforts for an overnight stay away can really ramp up the corporate bonding. Go for team self-catering or consider a long weekend away out in the great outdoors of Europe (or anywhere else in the world for that matter – just make sure your team building company can host events worldwide).


A Motivational Speaker - we know, it's number 6 but we couldn't resist adding it in!
We know what you’re thinking – it’ll be all group hugs and high fives. Not so. Motivational speakers are the ideal morale booster and are perfect for the larger of companies. Professional, proven speakers are inspiring and down-to-earth in equal measure.

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