Team building is the new buzzword that is circulating through corporate offices and regional meetings. However, without a solid team building definition many corporations find themselves spinning their wheels as they try to lead their workforce through different games, events and retreats. Read about best team building activities. In order to find a true team building definition we must look beyond the games and the Survivor like retreats. At its very essence, a team building definition must be refined to the point where the goal is not hindered because of the process. Team building is about the people rather than the games.

A Simple Team Building Definition

Team building refers to the concept of organizing groups of employees into manageable units for meeting various corporate, or organizational, goals and continued innovation for meeting demands of new economies. Building teams is an important part of any organizational structure for several reasons. Working as a cohesive team creates a positive business culture that is essential to continued profitability, sustained innovation and customer retention. Building better teams is easier to do when you fully understand the purposes of teams and how they contribute to your organization.

Purpose for Team Building

With a simple team building definition in hand then you can move your workforce towards this concept. However, there is still the casting of the purpose of team building to the personnel so they catch the spirit of it. Of course, at the CEO level, the purpose is to get a group of people moving towards a more collaborative effort in meeting corporate goals. At the team level the purpose, while still the same, means that through working as a team there is a stimulation of creative thinking within the company environment. This leads to new ideas to increase productivity without adding more burdens.

Benefits of Team Building

A team building definition must also include the benefits associated with it. As corporations realize the success of team building, they can see that a team philosophy can create an environment where team members support one another to help each individual reach his/her goals. As each team member brings their experiences and expertise to the team, the company is able to maximize its human resources. As a juxtaposition, they also share in the successes and failures of other individual team members. In the long run though, this combination works well for a more productive and innovative organization. Creating a corporate structure around team building and competing in games and attending retreats is a great way to build a strong organization. However, a solid team building definition must be the foundation of this structure. Keep this definition in mind as you navigate the waters of team building and corporate events.

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