As the Sochi Winter Olympics continue, the hopes of Team GB continue to grow.  Last night our men’s Curling team edged further towards the medals with a win over Norway.

Team building skills certainly came into the fore for Team GB as a debate over tactics was needed for the final tie-break throw of the game, but the communication and leadership skills of skipper David Murdoch won through as team’s final shot was hailed as the shot of the tournament so far, taking Team GB through with a score of 6-5. Curling is one of the true team sports of the Winter Olympics, and is a great example of how it take a real understanding of each other to accomplish the task.  The game is started by the curler who throws (or pushes) the stone along the ice, however in true team work style the path of the stone is then helped along by two sweepers who sweep the ice in front of the path of the stone to determine its speed, direction and hopefully its final placement. Communication skills really need to be on tip-top from for a team to succeed as they need to strategize each move carefully to outwit their opponents.  Curling has often been referred to ‘chess on ice’ and certainly cool heads and the ability to deliver under immense pressure are very much part of this sport. Building a team for success for any business can be modelled on Team GB’s curling team and serve as a timely reminder of how working together to find the best solution can reap huge rewards.  

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