Episode eight of The Apprentice sees the candidates delving into the world of online dating for the advertising task this year.  Each team must create an online dating website and a TV advertising campaign, which will then be shown to a grown of industry experts. Lord Sugar starts the task off with the inevitable shuffle around of teams and sends Jordon over to join Endeavour to make the numbers equal. For Team Evolve Jason surprisingly puts himself forwards as PM for the task, citing that he once ran an online dating site at Oxford and was called ‘Mr Cupid’ by his fellow students.  Over at Team Endeavour, Alex and Jordan both want the project manager’s job but Myles and Leah can’t hide their lack of confidence in the Welshman’s ability and quickly choose Jordan for the role.  Evolve decide their target market is the over-50s, Endeavour opt for the young professional market. The teams split up, with Leah and Myles gaining some insight into the online dating market with some customer research and taking random photographs of strangers.  Jordan does a good job of bringing out his inner feminine side as he stresses what a modern day business woman wants from a dating site.  Unsurprisingly, Alex disagrees but manages to contribute to the morning with the name of their dating site—‘Cufflinks’, because obviously something to keep your shirt sleeves in place immediately makes you think of love and romance! Team Evolve send Neil and Francesca off to a focus group of silver would-be daters, who then feed back information that the website should be safe, boring and called ‘Friendship and Flowers’.   Meanwhile Jason is henpecked to near death over his lack of decision making, who knew that choosing a shade of purple for the logo would be such an agonisingly long process? Although nowhere near as painful as watching Luisa’s appalling bad manners and bickering through the advertisement company’s office for all to hear. The hapless duo arrive two hours late for their meeting with the website designer which means they don’t have enough time to actually design their website. At least the logo looks good, well if they wanted to portray a funeral home website anyway… With the websites designed (well one out of two anyway) and the names and logos in place the teams settle in for the night to plan their strategy for filming the TV advert.  Luisa uses this catch up as a chance to engage in a spot of mutiny, taking advantage of Jason’s good nature she decides that Jason should step down as PM so that she can take up the mantle.  After some toing and froing, Neil takes command of the situation and relieves Jason of his duties and appoints Luisa as PM.  A decision I suspect he very quickly regrets when he founds out Luisa has no intention of letting him deliver the pitch the following day. Team Endeavour decide that their TV advertisement will feature what they feel is the epitome of a bad date—step forward Alex and his eyebrows to play the leading role of Herbert. Jordan expertly delegates any role that has any importance attached to it and sits back looking rather pleased with himself. With Alex acting and Leah directing the video, you feel that the day will be filled with tension and petty arguments, and you’re not disappointed.  The two manage to disagree on almost every point and it’s a wonder anything gets filmed at all. Over at Team Evolve, harmony has restored itself now that Luisa is in charge and Jason gets to nod in agreement with everything she says.  Even Neil and Francesca are working well together, even if they are producing an advert which looks more like an over-80s funeral expenses advert rather than an online dating site. With the ads in the can the teams assemble in front of a room of industry experts, with representatives from the advertising and online dating worlds.   Luisa’s pitch wobbles when she’s told that the advert is boring and patronising and the lack of website is brought up.  Myles gives his usual slick performance despite having to show the cringe-worthy advert Alex and Leah dreamt up.  The experts hated the name ‘cufflinks’ and felt the website was too masculine and corporate.  They did quite like the advert however, but thought the two ideas didn’t tally up with each other. It was Lord Sugar’s job in the boardroom to decide which advertisement campaign he thought was the best; or rather which team he felt had done the least amount of damage to their credibility. He thought that Alex’s bad date advert was the better of the two offerings, maybe he had pictured himself in the over-50s dating advert and that had put him off!  So Jordan’s Team Endeavour were treated to a caviar tasting trip, while Jason/Luisa’s team were sent to ponder where it all went wrong over in the café. Back in the boardroom Lord Sugar slams Jason’s decision to step down as the project manager, but equally berates Luisa’s bullying tactics.  The two PMs eventually decide that Francesca should be bought back into the boardroom with them to face the finger of fate. Sadly for Jason, Lord Sugar started to say what a ‘nice fellow’ he was, which always follows with the ‘with regret…’ line and he and his teddy were sent packing into the waiting cab.  Luisa had her card marked by Lord Sugar and Karren decided that she would be stalking, sorry, following Luisa next week to see if she really is as evil as Nick thought. How would your teams get on in an advertising task such as this? 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