The mirth and merriment that comes with Christmastime can sometimes lead to an out-of-control office Christmas party that coworkers come to regret. Read how team building events can complement your office Christmas party and reign in the madness. We've blogged numerous times here on the Accolade Corporate Events blog about the interpersonal dynamics between coworkers, and how team building events outside of the office can help your workforce connect and bond with one another in ways that aren't always possible during the rigours of the workday. Of course, for as much as taking your employees out of the office environment in order to experience one another in a new light can be incredibly productive, so too can a raging party, such as the company's office Christmas party, lead to a potentially embarrassing aftermath. Years ago, I recall working alongside a young lady who would have by far been considered the most conservative, buttoned-up professional in the office. A few too many cocktails at the office Christmas party, however, helped to explode that perception. No one ever saw her quite in the same light again. To be sure, individual employees ultimately have to take responsibility for their behaviour at company events. However, businesses can also manage the office Christmas party experience to a certain degree in how they plan and execute the event. One of the best approaches is to combine team building events, professional corporate entertainment, and  a professionally themed decor in order to craft an office Christmas party that will keep employees actively engaged throughout the evening.

Make Entertainment & Team Building a Focus

Office Christmas parties can very quickly devolve into a one-dimensional party experience, with drinking becoming the sole form of entertainment. While it's important to allow your workforce to unwind, enjoy one another's company, and celebrate the near-end of a hard year of work, it's almost important to remember that an office Christmas party -- whether on-site or off-site at a venue -- is still a company event. As a result, the event itself should project the same level of professionalism, coordination, and organisation that you strive for in your work. Therefore, booking professional corporate entertainment is a must. Without some sort of viable entertainment to break up the evening, booze can very quickly become the sole focus. It's a known fact that the best bands, DJs, comedians, and other appropriate corporate entertainment gets booked long in advance before the Christmas season, so make sure to lock in your entertainment now. Once you've got some entertainment booked, it's also important to add a level of coordination to your office Christmas party. Prior to the music beginning, engaging in a fun team building event is a sure-fire way to engage your employees and allow them to unwind and have fun while still reinforcing the fact that they all work together (and that they'll still all have to face each other in the office the day after!) There are a wide range of team building events to choose from, ranging from indoor and outdoor team building events as well as events that are more intense versus more "fun." Since your employees aren't looking to work at the office Christmas party -- or do anything that reminds them too much of work -- choosing a team building event that involves music, dancing, or just making a lot of noise and commotion is a wonderful way to engage your team without being too stuffy or intense. Setting up a team building event, however, is a great way to begin the evening, which will then lead into entertainment and even more merriment. Finally, as mentioned, decorating with a theme in mind is also an important way to reinforce a corporate image to your employees. Businesses sometimes skimp on decor, but properly theming your event will go a long way toward really dazzling the attendees. And best of all, you can even coordinate your team building event theme with the theme of the office Christmas party! Remember: corporate events can be a huge morale boost for your company if done right. Give your employees the proper environment to bond with their fellow coworkers and celebrate their efforts with an office Christmas party that includes team building. Thanks for reading our article! Now is the time to begin planning your office Christmas party! Be sure to contact Accolade for a FREE quote on how we can give you everything you're looking for in an office christmas party this year!
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