Business leaders have come to realize the power, and the benefits, of team building exercises within the corporate world. At the same time, other organizations also benefit from the many ways that team building strengthens the bonds within the workforce or volunteers. Schools, hospitals, fire departments and churches have all practiced team building and realized healthy returns. While team building exercises are great for the workplace, there are also many lessons that can be found that can be taken into everyday life. A heavy focus on communication, problem solving, and leadership are the hallmarks of team building exercises. These skills are essential to a strong corporation. However, the lessons learned while participating in a team building game, or event, are essential to life.
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Team Building Exercises Develop Life Lessons

Team building exercises are planned to be very similar to a changing work environment. There are many unknowns and risks involved as team members try to identify the correct answer or develop something from nothing. Here are a few key lessons participants discover about dealing with change and uncertainty that you can use to help develop within your own life as well. 1. Effective Planning for Life Team building exercises are great for pulling a team together to strive for a common plan. However, this same principal is also a foundational aspect of family life. Having everyone share a common goal, or plan, will create a home environment of peace and generosity. As teams plan how to accomplish the goal, you can take this same concept into everyday life to plan as a family, or plan for retirement, or plan for reaching individual goals. 2. View Failures As Beneficial A major obstacle to success - in life or business - is fear of failure. When failure is feared, it is avoided at all costs and kept secret when it occurs – only serving to harm the organization. There is a story about Thomas Edison that shows the importance of failure. A reporter once questioned Thomas Edison, "Mr. Edison, I heard you failed nearly a thousand times before inventing a light bulb that worked." Edison replied, "I did not fail 1000 times. I learned 999 ways a light bulb will not work!" When your team begins to view failure as a lesson, individuals can take that same lesson into their own life to try new things or have bigger ambitions. 3. Celebrate Successes When a team completes various team building exercises they have a moment to celebrate. High fives, congratulations and hearty laughs are all common elements of success. The corporation then takes this on a higher level and celebrates major breakthroughs, financial stability and name recognition. This same lesson of celebrating successes - especially after a set of failures - is something that can also be done in life. Each milestone that is reached, every goal that is realized and special family moments are all successes that are celebration worthy. If your corporation is utilising team building exercises as a way to build stronger teams, develop leaders and propel your organization to higher levels of achievement, also understand that these same games and activities can develop into life lessons. Employees and volunteers also benefit from team building exercises as much as the company does.
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