Communication within the workplace is a fundamental building block to success. Paul Meyer, a leadership guru, has said that, "Communication--the human connection--is the key to personal and career success." Within any organization good communication is a direct determinate of success. Fortunately, a business that is struggling with communication can improve upon it with some quick team building activities.
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Team building has been rising in prominence in the last five years as companies struggle within this new economic world. As giants in tech continue to set the pace for innovation smaller companies have to climb their way through the trail already set. Of course, tech sector continues to skyrocket with each new quarter. What about other areas? What about medical, education, mechanical services or retail? There are superstars in each of these sectors too. Brand names that are household terms. Some are even verbs for what we do. The key to all this success in all of these areas is team building and team challenges.

Quick Team Building Activities Lead to Better Communication

In order to use this "key", as Meyer puts it, to personal and career success you must first learn how. There are plenty of great team building games that can be found online today. Many companies use these to some success. The problem is that without any specialized knowledge of what makes good communication, these games are just games. Read even more about Quick Team Building Activities. Stronger, more trusting, communication should be the goal. At Accolade Corporate Events we have many great quick team building activities that help to drastically improve and enhance communication within the workplace. 1. Investors Den - This quick game has been modeled after the popular game show, Dragons Den. In this team game, teams battle to gain investment from a panel of successful ‘venture capitalists.’ As teams, your group has to decide on the product, then develop it so it’s ready to present to the investors. The beauty of Investors Den is that it can be either related specifically to your company or have a general business focus - whichever you choose; the results can often surprise you. Creativity, communication, time management, team work and presentation skills are all needed if your team is going to be successful in the den. 2. Deadline - This great communication game inspires the hidden reporter in us all. Deadline is a fun creative event in which teams compete to see which newspaper will make the first edition and which will go straight to chip paper! The game consists of official press conferences which teams will have to piece information together about ‘celebrities’ that are in the area. The question is, can your teams track them down and can anyone get a scoop about them? Opportunities will be short lived and your teams need to be able to react fast! 3. Storytelling - Everyone loves a good story. Storytelling itself has a natural and organic ability to change attitudes and behaviour. With this quick team building activity your teams can harness the most powerful, most motivational and most cost effective communication tool available. Through the 90 minutes of this activity, teams harnesses the power of storytelling so their stories are the ones that are listened to and passed on to others. Quick team building activities can be very powerful when used with a goal. To enhance and improve upon communications within your company, or organization, these team challenges are the tools needed.
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