Throughout the years, we've hosted Conference Ice Breakers for all types of different groups small and large. Usually the main objective is to energise and to break the ice between delegates and create an enthused energy in the room full of people who are engaged and keen to hear more. So we thought we'd tell you about our Top Three Conference ice breakers and why they work so effectively. Right at the top is the superb Haka energiser. With the rugby world cup this year, the Haka is incredibly topical and popular. The beauty of the Haka is that if you are tight on space then it can all be hosted with the delegates not moving out of their seating area, we've hosted it in actual theatre auditorium seating before, as long as people can stand up then we've got space. It's a huge impact, our Haka masters are the real deal, they are genuine Maori descendants and the authenticity flows through the whole event. The Haka is incredibly flexible on numbers, from groups as small as 15 right up to 5000 it works just as effectively and can be hosted in as little as 30 minutes. Companies who have hosted the Haka include Dermal Laboratories, Barclaycard, Siemens and Abbott. boomwhackers 3

Conference Ice Breakers for Large Groups

Boomwackers are a popular short burst of sound, colour and energy! This is a musical ice breaker that can be hosted in just 15 minutes, just like the Haka, you don't need any space to host the event so even in the tightest of room layouts, you can be sure of hosting this uplifting event. Everybody gets a Boomwacker and becomes part of the group rhythm and we can host this event for as many as 5000 which creates an incredible sound. Companies who have hosted Boomwhackers include Quintiles, Ignite, Macmillan, Highbury College and Kraft Foods. your song 6 Singing is a popular energiser and ice breaker and Your Song works a treat for uniting your group. It's often something that people shy away from, they doubt their own abilities to sing but with our superb vocal coaches, we encourage and show how everyone can confidently join in and create a wonderful result. With one group, they enjoyed it so much that the company now have set up their own choir - a tremendous testament to the power of the event! Again we don't need any space to host this event and can accommodate large and small groups. The energiser can be hosted in as little as 30 minutes and we can customise a song to reflect your objectives. Companies that have hosted Your Song include Faccenda, SOVA, Naomi House and the Society of Local County Clerks. If you are planning an event and need a superb ice breaker then why not give our team a call on 0800 083 1172 and we can talk you through the range of different events that we can offer your team.
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