Perhaps you have heard that team building and team activities are important for the future of your corporation or organization. This new business trend has been sweeping the world for the last 20 years, but has recently begun to enjoy a new rebirth as companies like Facebook, Google and Apple dominate the headlines. Teams are thus brought to the forefront as they are proven to be an important part of their overall success. In fact, Steve Jobs has said about teams, “The people who are doing the work are the moving force behind the Macintosh. My job is to create a space for them, to clear out the rest of the organization and keep it at bay.” Creating opportunity, space and freedom within team activities and other organizational building events and tools is something that every corporation should invest in. Why? Why are team activities, corporate team building events or weekend retreats of racing go-carts, Survivor type events or running through watery obstacles so important to success?

Team Activities for Success

The answer to that question is three-fold. There are three important foundational skills that every business - successful business - are built on. These three skills are often taught in colleges and institutes of higher learning, but when put into practice - through engagement and fun - the principles remain intact and established within the person's mindset. Whether through large outdoor games, conferences with game show energisers or themed events for Christmas or other holidays, team activities play a major role in corporate success. 1. Personal and Corporate Communication - This is a skill that can be taught but not successfully implemented. The reason is because as much as we like to put labels on skills like communication, there are still humans that have to exercise these skills. Team activities put humans into a position where they must communicate, but not in an overwhelming or intimidating way. This one skill can transform a failing corporation into a successful one - or on its way to success - quickly. Through personal communications within the "team" environment comes the corporate communication through divisions and regions. This then trickles into the customer/organization relationship where communication is the priority and naturally exercised. 2. Leadership - Team activities and games are perfect for building leadership skills and helping emerging leaders step up. Through problems and challenges these leaders can learn - through practical, yet fun games - how to navigate a group to a successful solution. Again, leadership can be taught but the principles must be learned through practice. 3. Creativity - Innovation is the sustaining life source of any organization. For those who continue to push the envelope and develop new ways to do things and new products to enlighten everyday life, they become the known top brands. Names like Samsung, Google, Apple, BMW, 3M and a host of others are well known, and stay at the top of their sectors, because of the innovation they strive for. This innovation is multiplied when born through teamwork. Team activities that are challenging, introduce problems and require a lot of critical thinking are those games that develop high capacity of creativity and innovation. Many games that use art, music, and dance are not only fun and engaging, but also develop creativity within the skill sets of the people involved. Corporate success is more than just luck. While some CEO's like to think that their charisma and will alone can move mountains within the corporate world, it is really all about teams and the way that they work together in communicating, leading and creating. Team activities are pivotal in corporate success today for these reasons.
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