Time management is often an area where we could all do with some improving. Far too often we get caught out and find ourselves up against a big deadline with a seemingly impossible amount of work to do.

Using team building days to focus on better time management means that your team can go back to their workplace with a renewed confidence in their ability to do their job with much less stress.

There are many team building days that rely heavily on time management.  Treasure hunts are perfect outdoor team building events that not only can be held in any town or city in the country (or other country), but timing is absolutely key to achieving the set goals.

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Good time management requires good organisational skills, this means being able to sort out priorities as well as delegate where possible and being able to communicate your needs and the needs of others effectively.

Our Team Apprentice buying and manufacturing tasks both require these skills to be tested to the maximum.  The winning team must display business nous and be able to strike a good deal, but it will all be for nothing if they don’t manage to keep a track on time.

Team building days focusing on time management don’t have to be about wheeling or dealing or problem solving.  Some of our creative team building events also challenge teams to better control their time management and to organise their team to produce the best work in the time permitted.


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