There are plenty of different indoor team building games that can be utilised to bring people together, form stronger relationships, improve many essential skills and inject a lot of energy and fun into corporate life. Everything from musical games, art events and races are included in team building events. However, some of the more popular team building games are those that are fashioned after game shows.The biggest reason that games after television game shows is so popular is because they do not exclude anyone from participating. Everyone has a fair chance regardless of age or physical condition. Plus, the rules to play these types of indoor team building games are already mostly known by the participants.

Take Part in Game Show Through Indoor Team Building Games

Many people have had that thought that they could win at one of their favorite television game shows if they only had the chance. Your next team building event can give them that chance. Many different television quiz and games shows can be easily made into a team building game where everyone can participate.Team Apprentice - You may be quite familiar with the hit show The Apprentice. The premise of the show runs teams through different business building tasks to see which one succeeds. Then, Donald Trump, the "executive" fires the one person who had difficulties. Team Apprentice puts a bit of a spin on this where the team is hired rather than fired. Series of team challenges, which focus on communications, problem solving and leadership, make this a full team game.Your Song - The most popular type of show on television now deals with singing as a competition. Shows like The Voice and Britain's Got Talent are wildly popular because of the opportunity to win at singing. Your Song is a great game that not only uses singing for team building, but takes the fear out of singing. Usually people are fearful about singing, but this team building event uses their fear to their advantage. This game grabs hold of opportunities in a hugely positive way and it shows that they can achieve spectacular results outside of the teams comfort zone.Team Millionaire - The Hot Seat is calling out and a team will win. This Millionaire game show will inject healthy competition and include an entire team. The game is not just about the one person that sits in the hot seat, the entire group will be playing all of the time. Team Millionaire really is a winning formula, it’s a great show and yes, it's our final answer. It gets even better when you start asking specific company questions.Indoor team building games do not always have to be about food races and balloon art. There are plenty of great ways to have fun, energise a conference and lay a foundation of business skills that everyone benefits from.

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