In today's economic world, there is the need for stronger organizations that can navigate the stormy waters of business, continue to innovate, and be leaders within their industry. Weaker businesses tend to fall away and dissolve as the competition passes them by. The difference maker is team building. Through a weekly team building game, or quarterly team building events, many different skills can be improved upon which contribute to the overall success of the company.But, how does one team building game, or a day of team building events, help?
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Benefits of a Team Building Game in Workplace

There are many different team challenges, games, and activities that can be used to give your organization the competitive edge in the marketplace. The key to team building success is not continually use a team building game within the work week in order to keep your teams moving forward.A weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly schedule of having each division, department or region go through a team building game, or series of events will prove to be incredibly beneficial for the entire organization. Skills that were lacking will be strengthened and new ones will be learned. But, what skills can be learned through a team building game?Communications - Every business is built on the solid foundation of the communication processes and relations of the individual employees and management. A team building game that emphasizes communication will develop this skill to a great degree.Problem solving/Decision making - A great asset to any organization are teams that can independently solve problems and make decisions based on furthering the corporate agenda. Events that challenge the team members to make decisions with much great speed and clarity. Participating in problem solving games will help already established teams to break out of their usual moulds and develop their own business skills, often with very surprising and successful results.Planning and Leading - Another great foundation to business is the way that leaders can develop and implement plans to meet goals. Through a team building game that focuses on maintaining clear goals, adapting for new requirements and being able to inspire others will help to develop existing leaders while grooming new ones.Trust - While communications, and solving problems, and leadership skills are all very important to an organization's success, trust binds them all together. An organization that struggles with trust within their different departments (teams) is one that will struggle in the marketplace. Team building games can help to develop trust, but they must be done on a consistent basis.The benefits of just one team building game a week, or a day of team events every few months will not only develop these essential and foundational skills, but also create a much tighter bond between the workforce, the management and the customer.

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