Catwalk Challenge

Essential ingredients for today’s business world are creativity, presentation and team work but it’s not always easy to nurture an environment where your people can practice these skills and boost their confidence in these core areas.

Catwalk Challenge has been specifically designed to meet the objectives of company’s who are looking to promote creativity, presentation skills and team work, don’t let the title fool you, Catwalk Challenge is far from being just about fashion.

Your teams have to create the next big thing in the fashion industry and they have to do so with limited resources. In this conference energiser creativity is the key, good thought out imaginative ideas are essential. Teams have a very strict deadline to adhere to if they are going to meet the fashion deadline, as not only do they have to create a design, they have to allocate a model, go on a fashion shoot and promote their design on the catwalk.

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What type of team is Catwalk Challenge good for?

This is a fun event that will suit junior to middle management, and for those who want to inject creativity and communication in a fun environment.