Company Canape Making

Canape event

Our Canapé making team event combines creativity with canapés and trust us, you’ve definitely got a tasty recipe for success! Team work, planning and time management are needed if your teams are going to succeed in creating canapés fit to eat.

Your teams challenge will be to recreate popular canapés, they’ll be given the recipes, the ingredients and the equipment they need to succeed. Working together they’ll start their canapé production lines.

Our expert chefs will be on hand to give tips of the trade and some good advice so that teams learn and produce quality canapés because later they’ll all be eating them!

Bake off team building event

There will be a mixture of delicious hot and cold canapés for teams to recreate and then it’s down to the judges taste test to decide which team had got the canapé flair! We can theme the canapés to include company colours and themes, so that teams are thinking about your company image throughout.

Canapé making team event…deliciously tempting

And what happens to all those delicious canapés that your teams have just made? You get to eat them! Making this a wonderfully satisfying and filling team building activity!

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What type of team is Company Canapé Making good for?

A very much tasty 'hands on' event which is ideal for mixed levels from junior team members to middle management, needing enrgising.